Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bear Safes

If you have used a trail camera in an area with bears for longer then a week you know they love trail cameras. Not sure why they love them but they will eat them, chew on them, lick them and turn a $200 camera into a pile of junk in no time flat.

When I upgraded my cameras to Spypoint I knew I wanted a safe that would stop a bear and hopefully a low life thief. I was getting enough pictures of bears that I knew it was only a matter of time before one went into chew mode on one of my cameras.

I ended up ordering two custom fit bear safes for the Spypoint IR-6 and Spypoint Pro-X from Custom 1 enterprises.

When the package arrived from Custom 1 first thing I noticed was the weight of the box. I could not believe two bear safes with padlocks could weigh that much. The next thing I noticed after opening the package was the quality of the product. This safe is heavy duty to say the least. 11 gauge steel that has been powder coated in a nice olive drab green. The cover has been cut to fit the Spypoint cameras exactly. There are holes for a cable lock to pass through at the top and also on the bottom that matches up with the cable lock holes on the Spypoint cameras.

With the shrouded master lock this is one tough bear safe. Another way to protect your investment is the two holes drilled through the back of the safe. I used these to lag the safe to a tree tightly with hardened lag bolts.

As we all know, nothing is full proof. Hopefully though this will be fool proof!


  1. They will cut the tree down to steal your camera. Nothing is safe from a thief. If you know beforehand that your trail cam will eventually be stolen, then the shock is not that bad when it happens. I have a trail cam and fully expect it to be stolen. I lock it with a python cable and lock. They will just cut the tree down to get it. All my friends who are into trail cams have had theirs stolen. It's just a part of life. People are people and you should not expect much out of them.

  2. They can cut the tree down and the safe will still be attached. This safe has two holes drilled in the back of it and I use a special hardened steel lag bolt to bolt it to the tree. I know it can still be stolen but I will make them work for it.