Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bear Safes Work

I went and pulled a Spypoint IR-6 cam that I blogged about a couple weeks ago. As I walked into the saddle where the camera was I knew something was going on. My tag end for the master lock python cable was hanging loose from the tree. Upon closer inspection there were nice chew marks on the tag end.

When I looked at the picture count I was shocked to see 470 photos in the last two weeks. The camera was hung in a wilderness area in the Jefferson National Forest. You get pictures of game but not like you would on a farm. Out of the 470 photos about 75 were of bears.

A lot of the bear pics were very blurred due to the bear "playing" with the camera. One is very clearly a bear eye and snout starring into the camera. Another picture twenty seconds later is of the bear walking away.

Not sure what the attraction is to the bears but I am very glad I invested in a bear safe. This was the first trip out for this camera which retails for $210. A $50 bear safe with two lag bolts and a master lock cable lock saved me $210 on my first trip.

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  1. Seems the bears just have to get up close and personal with the cameras. After having one of mine tore off a tree I get the metal boxes for all of mine.