Friday, January 6, 2012

Spypoint Tiny-W

I just hung a new deer cam in woods last week. I let it sit for about four days before pulling the card to see how it had done. I am really happy with the pictures that it is taking. No monsters came through but this spot sure shows promise for bow season next year.

The camera is a Spypoint Tiny-W. This is Spypoint's smallest camera yet it is full of features. The camera has 38 infrared for night-time illumination and has 7 zone coverage. Another neat feature is you can set it for time lapse mode. I am very happy with this camera.


  1. What are your thoughts on the nighttime pictures the camera takes?

  2. I have not had any yet. The one pic was right at sunset and it was real nice, a lot of cameras will white out right at sunset.

    This stand should be great come bow season as all the deer pics were in shooting hours.